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Put Your Station On The Internet TODAY!

NEW FOR 2008
Raduga Version
3.9.5 Released


That's right,  Raduga now does Video.
Perfect for Television, Cable-TV and ANY Video Situation. 
Our NEW Video Plus Version 3.9.5 is currently only $899. 

Raduga is the Radio Automation Standard. It's perfect for all Commercial Stations, LPFM, Part-15, Internet Radio, and Clubs.

     - Read what Bill Elliot of 3djs.com had to say about Raduga

What's New in Version 3.9.

Listen to Raduga in action right Now, LIVE!




If you are using Raduga and have a live Internet feed let us know and we will link to it here!  Just email us your stream's link and a graphic of your stations's logo and we will link to it here.

Want to become a Reseller/Distributor of Raduga?  Let us know.  Send us an email and let's discuss Raduga opportunities for your Broadcast Business

Raduga Features DirectX Support allowing you to use third party plugins to enhance the sound of your station. 

Keep your volume levels Equal.  Try our Raduga AGC Plug-in and other important Raduga utilities.

Raduga's NEW VIDEO Features

It's time to be excited.  By popular demand we have just released our NEW VIDEO PLUS Version of Raduga (version 3.9.5).  Raduga now does all popular formats of video with the same ease as you've experienced with our audio only versions.  As to what kind of video formats it can play, there is one simple answer.  If Windows Media Player can play it, so can Raduga 3.9.5!  It's so easy to set up.  Simply install [2] separate video cards in your system (the output video card to the secondary monitor must have an S-Video output jack), fire up your PC and place Raduga Software in the Master monitor.  The first time you play a video a small video window will appear on your screen.  Simply drag it over to the secondary monitor and double-click its center.  The video window will appear full screen and stay that way.  In between videos, the background will stay black.  You control the output video monitor window via Raduga from the master screen.  Composite video output available via the S-Video output jack and a composite adaptor that usually comes with most video cards.  That's it!

New in Version 3.9.5

  • Online Registration Bug Fixed
  • Bugfix: Overlap with a previous audio file, video will not automatically close

New in Version 3.9.4

  • Windows Vista style menus when running on Windows Vista

  • Windows Vista style Explorer tree

  • Full screen video and a licensable feature

  • Deactivate Playlist/Insert Jingle... if jingles are disabled by license

  • Includes Juke 4.0

  • New keyboard shortcuts for Play Event (Shift+P), Skip Event (Shift+N), Edit Jingles (J)

  • Password protections for the Enable Events and Skip Events buttons

New in Version 3.93

  • Support for continuous full-screen video playback and multiple monitors
  • Fixed default Mixer application on Windows Vista
  • Windows 98/ME are no longer supported

New in Version 3.9.2

  • Password protection for scheduled events
  • Dongle-driver for Windows Vista included
  • Bugfix:  FtpUpload add-in did not actually upload
  • Include Juke 3.9

New in Version 3.9

  • Add-in configuration dialog
  • Scheduler configuration page
  • Minimize to tray
  • Option to remove position slider
  • Large toolbar buttons with test (for touchscreen)
  • Option to lock toolbars
  • Redesigned Dialogs for Scheduled Events and Jingles
  • Old pending events can be skipped on manual "Play" or "Next"
  • Integrated Web Browser
  • Digitally Signed Setup program
  • Logging for Jingle Buttons
  • System Requirements:  Windows 2000. Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 or Windows Vista
  • Hardware Requirements:  Windows compatible sound card, otherwise see operating system documentation

New in Version 3.8.7

  • New scheduled events are set to once per hour and rounded up to 5 minutes
  • Added scripts to change player mode
  • Tooltip information is displayed in the Explorer view
  • Display all DirectShow filters in use by double-click in the DirectX plug-ins page (replaces DSPlay)
  • Use the "Desktop" folder instead of "My Music" if the music folder is empty
  • Includes Juke 3.8.7
  • Bugfix: list of scheduled events did not look good on Windows 2000
  • Bugfix: DirectX plug-ins did not work for WAV and WMA files

New in Version 3.8.5

  • New menu item "Playlist|Insert Jingle..."
  • Bugfix: jingles with number in file name did not work

New in Version 3.8.4

  • New option "View|Keep Focus"
  • Help topic "How to ... Display Text Information"
  • Change file extension in "Save As" dialog according to file type 
    (.mpl, .rotation, etc.)

New in Version 3.8.3

  • Allow rotations and random tracks in jingles
  • Allow rotations and random tracks in mini-playlists
  • Added command Playlist | Insert Stop Command
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for "Playlist|Add Pause",
    laylist|Add Stop Command" and "Playlist|Insert Stop
  • Digital clock is alway minimized
  • Correct seeking within VBR-encoded MP3 files
  • Fixed incompatibility with Windows Media Player 7
  • Includes Juke v3.8.3
New in Version 3.8.2
  • Fixed CD audio support (broken in 3.8)
  • Fixed video options (broken in 3.8.1)
  • Fixed online registration in Unicode build
  • Submit version info with online registration
  • Fixed MIDI (MCI) playback
  • Fixed Repeat mode if playlist contains only 1 item
  • Load .txt files that are stored as Unicode, otherwise assume the 
    character set of the language pack
  • Save/load .alb and .m3u playlists in character set of the language pack
  • Show station name after initial license activation
  • Includes Juke 3.6.7
New in Version 3.8.1
  • show tilde in playlist and now playing
  • added menu item Media/Schedule Events...
New in Version
  • Reduce time remaining by overlap time (unless if break is active)
  • Use WMFormat SDK for MP3 duration
  • Fixed Live365 upload

New in Version 3.8

  • Updated online manual with all new features
  • Raduga now always uses the Fraunhofer MP3 decoder (if present) 
    to prevent problems with AudioCatalyst Xing MPEGPlayer
  • Always show the album name in the window title (not the current song)
  • Made Password protection a licensable feature
  • Show an information text on shutdown of the demo version
  • Don't redraw Explorer tree only if music directory hasn't changed
  • Remember the active page in the Options dialog when closed with OK
  • Support for special keys on Microsoft keyboards (Play/Pause, Stop, Next,
  • New keyboard shortcut F12 = File|Save As...
  • Removed Apply button in Options dialog
  • Scheduled events now play in order by time, independent of the order in the list
  • Added images for Play/Skip/Enable/Schedule events buttons
  • Launch the events dialog by double-click on upcoming events list
  • New look of the options dialog
  • Moved digital clock to extra toolbar
  • Show station name (registered company) in top toolbar
  • Restore toolbar positions after restart
  • Added icons for file types .txt .mp4 and .ogg
  • Added .ogg files to accepted media files, removed .m3u
  • Select current index when loading/saving .rotation and .pls files
  • Remember playlist position within .pls files
  • Bugfix: crash when double-click on top toolbar
  • Bugfix: input fields for hours of scheduled events
  • Scheduled events can be set to individual hours per day
  • New column "Hours" in event list
  • Added columns "Week Days" and "Expires" to event list
  • The music directory is not used as starting point for the "Add Songs" dialog 
  • Updated Raduga SDK
  • Updated CurrentSong add-in
  • New FtpUpload add-in
  • Added menu item "View | Output Window"
  • When you run a .txt file from the playlist or scheduled event,
    the file content appears in the output window.
  • Feature: select music directory as root for the Explorer tree
  • Bugfix: rotations not rotating properly
  • Bbugfix: playlists start with song #2
  • Scheduled events can be set to individual hours per day
  • Columns "Week Days", "Hours" and "Expires" to event list
  • Select music directory as root for the Explorer tree
  • Full screen mode
  • Manually start or skip pending events
  • Password protection for Options dialog
  • Import/export Windows Media Player playlists (*.wmp)
  • Show id3 tags and Windows Media meta data, 
  • Configure display name,e.g. "$(Artist) - $(Title)"
  • Load multiple add-ins concurrently
  • Sort playlist by display name
  • Sort events by time, mode, display name
  • Context menu for event scheduler copy/paste/cut/delete
  • Multiple selection of events
  • Drag and drop of multiple events
  • Insert scheduled events at cursor (focus) position

Standard Features

  • DirectX Support - allowing the use of third party enhancement plugins
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Uncluttered interface
  • PC Based, Windows 98/98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP Compatible
  • Supported Files Include Mp2 ,Mp3, WAV, WMA
  • Support for MP3 Variable Bit Rate Format
  • Full Automation or Live Assist
  • Overlap (seguing, crossfading  of songs) with any single soundcard
  • Overlap (global and individual)
  • 9 Instant Fire Hot Keys for assigning specific files, works like a cart machine
  • Schedule Spots, Jingles, PSA's, Announcements, Programs to fire automatically at Exact times with our Event Scheduler
  • Scheduled Event Warning System
  • Schedule Play/Stop Commands
  • Drag and Drop compatible
  • Built in Windows Explorer Tree
  • Create and save Playlists
  • Create and save Mini-Playlists (a playlist within a playlist, great for spots)
  • 6 different Play Modes including Normal, Manual, Repeat, Random, Shuffle and Intro Scan
  • Silence Detection to Minimize On-Air System Failure
  • Automatic Logging of Times and Play Sequence
  • Independent Variable Overlapping for each song
  • Multi-Language Support (Swedish, Dutch, Russian, Greek, Turkish, Spanish)
  • Built-In Help System
  • Schedule live events (great for satellite feeds) (type "120.live" as file name for 120 seconds live feed)
  • Schedule Playlists
  • Open Winamp Playlists (with .m3u extention) & PLS
  • Menu item to enable/disable scheduled events
  • Digital Clock (12 or 24 hour format at the click of your mouse)
  • Event precision of 1 second
  • Live event through a selected mixer line
  • Shutdown confirmation (can be disabled in Options/General)
  • Full-Screen Video

Raduga v3.8 will not run on Windows NT.  For NT users we can provide our v3.11 which will run properly on Windows NT.

Raduga v3.8 will run on Windows 98.  However for stability we recommend Windows 2000/XP platform.


Click for Raduga Pricing

Bill Elliot of http://www.3DSJ.com , user of Raduga says "Raduga is 100% Reliable"

He goes on to say...

Dear Bill Spry & Wolfgang Loch:

This message is long overdue, but I want you to know that my internet radio station, www.3DSJ.com celebrated 1 year on the air, January 18th. We run Raduga, or should I say your Raduga software runs the station 24 hours a day and in the first year we have had 0 problems! You guys gave me what I wanted, 100% reliability, simple to use, and inexpensive. I recommend your product highly.

Best regards and thanks.

Bill Elliott


Bob Kiser of Community Television in Milington, TN comments on Raduga's support...


A power surge burned though our surge protection frying a power supply and hard drive on our computer that ran Raduga radio automation software.  A phone call to you provided a link to download the software again.  Thanks so much for the quick response you provided.   Such amazing service for a product purchased years ago.  

Raduga has operated our cable radio station for several years now.  It is so reliable, we take it for granted.  We add songs maybe once a month and walk away.  Response has been fantastic, we continue to get comments on our music and how it keeps viewers on our station.  That wouldn’t happen without the professional sound Raduga provides.  Thanks again for the outstanding service for a great product. 

Bob Kiser

Community Television

Millington, Tennessee


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