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NEW! Charted '60s Music Library

Over 1,000 hits from 1964 to 1969.  Processed, with chart benchmark information, and ready to add to your music library today.

Click here to view the entire Charted '60s library songlist.

Charted '60s Features

  • Over 1,000 songs that charted in the top 40 of a major national Hot 100 chart from 1964 to 1969

  • Digitally encoded at 320Kbps MP3

  • Files are cleaned, processed, and ready for air

  • IDv3 tagged with Artist, Song Title, and Album

  • File names and IDv3 tag comments include chart benchmark information, including the year a song charted, number of weeks, and peak position

  • Works great with Raduga automation system; files are already batch-overlapped

  • Compatible with any radio automation system that plays MP3s

  • Only $495  --  Click here to purchase

  • Other customizable file formats, including .WMA, .APE, .FLAC, .OGG, .MPC and .WAV available for an additional fee.  (For .WMA, .OGG & .MPC, add $100; for .FLAC, .APE & .WAV add $195)

Our Processing Methods

  • All files are normalized to 85%, helping to remove distortion

  • 0.35 seconds of silence is inserted into the beginning of each file.  This prevents long breaks between songs, in cases where a song track has a long silences at the beginning, and it helps keep automation systems that tend to begin files early from starting them too soon

  • The ends of the song files are edited, where necessary

  • We have worked to ensure that the files are glitch free

Example of a file waveform before & after processing:
Before processing:
After processing:

Example of the first 2 seconds of a file before & after processing:
Before processing:
After processing:

A Note About Filenames

Most filenames contain not only artist and title of a song, but also album and chart benchmark information.  Filenames should be read as follows:

  • For solo artists:  Last name, First name  -  Song title  (Year charted, Peak position, Weeks on chart)  (Album name) ~ Batch overlap time

  • For bands and groups:  Artist name  -  Song title  (Year charted, Peak position, Weeks on chart)  (Album name) ~ Batch overlap time .file format

Example:  Abba - Dancing Queen (1976, 1, 22) (Arrival)~3.74.mp3

  • Abba  --  Artist name

  • Dancing Queen  --  Song Title

  • (1976, 1, 22)

    • 1976  --  Year charted

    • 1  --  Peak chart position

    • 22  --  Number of weeks on chart

  • (Arrival)  --  Album title

  • ~3.74  --  Batch overlap time (for users of Raduga automation software;)

  • .mp3  --  MP3 file format

Legal Notes

These music libraries are for resell to licensed radio stations for radio broadcast ONLY.  Music has been compiled from a variety of sources, for radio airplay use.  Pricing pays solely for the service provided (compiling the libraries, processing the files, and temporary use, etc.), NOT for the material.

The station licensee must complete a Lease and License agreement form.  Please contact us to place your order.





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