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NEW! AirLink STL RX & TX v1.1.1900

Transmit your Studio audio to the Transmitter Tower site dependably, affordably.  No Wireless STL transmitters to purchase, no frequencies to coordinate, no licenses to apply for, no antennas to install or position.

AirLink's Story

Here's the scenario.  Your transmitter is 5 miles from your studio.  So how do you get your audio from the studio to the transmitter without the hassles and expenses?  Let us introduce the new AirLink STL.  AirLink consists of a Software Audio Transmitter and Receiver.  The transmitter is installed at the studio and the receiver installed at the remote transmitter site.  Then all you need is a PC at each end and either a high speed internet or ISDN connection at each end.  AirLink uses the TCP/IP protocol to transmit your audio and it is very reliable.

So what if your internet connection is lost and the audio stream stops?  The receiver portion of AirLink STL is very very smart.  It will constantly monitor and wait for your stream to reconnect.  But while your connection is lost, the AirLink STL Receiver will begin playing local audio files that have been pre-loaded injecting a liner or sweep after XX number of songs and let's not forget your Legal ID at the top of the hour.  This is done easily by a mini automation system that is incorporated in the receiver.  When AirLink STL detects that your stream has returned reliably for 30 seconds it will resume the connection to your studio automatically.

AirLink STL Features

  • Simple and easy set up
  • Plays local music files if connection is lost with it's own mini automation system
  • Plays local liner/sweep files after every xx song, if connection is lost
  • Plays your top of the hour, Legal ID's as required by the FCC
  • NEW Low Cost - Receiver only $219 each and Transmitter only $109 each
  • Feed multiple stations with one transmitter and multiple receivers
  • Great for networks!
  • Works with Raduga Automation Software



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