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Raduga 3.9 Editions

Edition Basic Live Assist Full Automation Universal Radio Developer
Description Ideal for home parties Ideal for Mobile DJs Ideal for bars and shops Ideal for  Radio Stations Integrates with 3rd-party systems
Plays MP3, WMA, WAV X X X X X
Unlimited playlist length X X X X X
Mini playlists X X X X X
6 playlist modes X X X X X
Live tracks (via line-in) X X X X X
Individual overlap X X X X X
Hardware key (dongle) - - - X* X
Log files - - - X X
Scheduled events - - - X X
9 jingles - X X X X
DirectX plug-ins - - X X X
Silence detection - - X X X
Password protection - - X X X
1 year free updates X X X X X
1 year distributor support - - - X X
Price (US$) $149.00 $349.00 $449 $649 $999
from Raduga 3.x to 3.8.7

Hardware dongles are not included with any package though they are available for the Universal Radio Edition at an extra charge.

If you purchased Raduga during the past 24 months you may be eligible for an upgrade at a 50% price reduction.
Additional costs for shipping and handling may apply if the software is shipped on CD.

50% off Upgrade Price for qualified customers (US$) $74.50 $174.50 $224.50 $324.50 $499.50

* Add $99 for a dongle license key

Raduga is licensed on a per machine basis. If you need to run it on multiple machines, you will need to purchase multiple licenses.  Raduga.net offers generous discounts on multiple licenses.  Please call our office to discuss a pricing plan at 859-251-5151.

When ordering Raduga, please indicate your name and the name of your station or company and address. You will receive a personalized license key and get access to a secured download area where you can download the full production version.

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